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California homeowners may be able to claim 30% of their projects cost.
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Enjoy a More Comfortable & Energy Efficient Home with Injection Foam Insulation

Serving San Diego County, California.

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Thermal Advantage of California is your local partner for optimizing home comfort and energy efficiency with injection foam insulation.  We are headquartered in Vista, California and are proud to serve all of San Diego County.

What makes Thermal Advantage different from other insulation companies?

  • Thermal Advantage uses only the most advanced materials
    • InsulSmart MH®
      • Injection foam insulation
  • All our products are safe and environmentally responsible.

Injection Foam Advantages

Learn why injection insulation foam has emerged as a formidable alternative that offers numerous benefits.

Reduced Utility Bills

Lower your monthly energy bills with the air seal created by injection foam insulation.

Improved Sound Control

Reduce the outdoor and inside noise in your home to give you a quieter space.

Fewer Pests

Injection Foam blocks pests from making a home in your walls.

Increased R-value

Highest R-Value per square inch equals greater insulation performance.

Less Dust

Less crevices in your wall equals less dust getting inside your house.

Increased Comfort

Improves year round comfort inside your house.

Why Choose Thermal Advantage to Insulate Your Home?

Thermal Advantage of California is a family-owned and operated business that is committed to providing quality service and customer satisfaction. We have a low price guarantee and we offer free estimates and consultations.

If you are looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and value of your San Diego home, then injection foam insulation from Thermal Advantage of California is a great option.

Why Our San Diego Customers Love Us

"It's great to deal directly with a small business owner rather than go through a big company who sends out individuals who don't always have great oversight. Brody gave me lots of information during our phone consultation, offered a fair price and honest advice, and was very professional and efficient completing the job."
Adam M, San Diego, CA

"Highly recommend for anyone who needs wall insulation. Very quick at scheduling, great communication, very affordable.

It’s been several weeks and can noticeably tell the difference of heat staying outside on warm days and less noise."

Cole H, San Diego, CA

"Brody and his team flawlessly installed foam injected insulation into our dated, 1952, home.

Last year we noticed that a couple rooms got exceedingly hot in the summer, compared to other living spaces. With Brody’s help we’ve already noticed a significant decrease in room and wall temperature."

Cody V, San Diego, CA
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