Did you know about the Insulation Tax Credit?

California homeowners may be able to claim 30% of their projects cost.
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Injection foam insulation is a non toxic and environmentally friendly way to fill your wall cavities with insulation for greater energy savings.

Your Thermal Advantage:

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • Least Invasive Method of Insulating Your Walls
  • Highest R Value Per Square Inch
  • Better Sound Barrier for both Outside & Inside Walls


There are clear signs that your home may need to have its insulation either replaced or upgraded.

  • Your utility bills. Are your home utility bills gradually increasing?  This might be a sign that your insulation is no longer working to keep your home warm in the winter or retain it's cool in the summer.

  • Significant temperature differences between rooms. If one of your rooms is either significantly warmer or colder than other rooms it may be time to re-insulate.

  • You're getting solar.  Make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible, before you get solar.  Having well insulated walls will allow you to use your solar power smartly.


  • Lower utility bills. 
    • Improved insulation means more control of your home's temperature with less energy which will result in lower utility bills.
  • More comfortable temperatures. 
    • By preventing air leaks through small gaps, injected insulation keeps your home temperatures warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Reduction in your homes' carbon footprint. 
    • Insulation doesn’t require outside energy sources to work. Equaling less energy used, which is better for the environment.
  • Easy installation. 
    • Injected insulation is applied through small holes drilled into the wall that are easily patched up.  Most projects are completed in less than a day. 
  • Long-lasting. 
    • Due to its unique properties, it stands the test of time.  Foam insulation can last for as long as most families are likely to live in their home.  Lasting at least 30 years, but potentially 50 or even longer.

Insulation can be injected directly into exterior or interior home walls.

Ceiling areas which do not incorporate an adjacent attic space can prove difficult to re-insulate. Foam insulation can be quickly and easily installed over these ceiling areas by accessing the blocking between the trusses. Because our foam is pre-expanded, it poses no danger to the integrity of the drywall while conforming perfectly to the shape of the cavity, completely encapsulating pipes and wires.