"Mr. Brody Ekwall did very professional work at a very reasonable price (I checked other companies beforehand) Now my house feels very comfortable! during the summer the house is kept 12 degrees cooler than the outside temperature and during the winter 17 degrees warmer that the outside temperature (this is without and A/C or Heating) I highly recommend this company thank you Mr. Ekwall."
Miguel, San Diego
"Brody showed up on time and ready to go the first and second time I requested his service. His pricing was better than the others I was quoted and he even threw in some extra things above and beyond his quote because he had extra material. Very well satisfied. Highly recommended."
Bill, Imperial Beach
"Brody was super responsive from the first point of contact- he answered all of our questions, provided a quote promptly and had his team out to start the job quickly. It only took a half day for them to complete wall insulation on our single -level 1100 square foot home and we've been very happy with the results both in terms of moderate outdoor noise reduction and helping to keep the inside of our home cooler as the weather heats up. We'd absolutely use Thermal Advantage again and highly recommend them!"
Daniel, El Cajon

"Thermal Advantage came out/assessed my home insulation needs for wall insulation improvement. Price was very reasonable, too. Our home built in 1964 so the walls were empty cavities where the heat and humidity of summer and the frigid/cold of the winter permeate into our home via those empty cavities. The A/C and central heat come on much LESS frequently with the thermal insulation technology pumped into those empty cavities that keeps our house interior at lease 50% to 70% or more cooler and warmer year round.

Great work/great insulation technology without having to tear out drywall or removal of any exterior panels, etc. Simple holes are pre-drilled and thermal insulation pumped inside those cavities and perfectly round caps are applied/sealed with caulking and painted over with the same color as the exterior. Does not affect the look of our homes stucco exterior, either. Clean up was performed with little to no residue or debris. It was by chance that I found Thermal Advantage since few company's are capable /equipped to do this work. If your home is older stucco and /or if you have any questions regarding thermal insulation technology by all means give Thermal Advantage a call and insulate you house walls and save on your heating/A/C costs and enjoy the comforting results immediately. Thanks again Thermal Advantage."

Jeff, Vista

"Overall it's doing really well. We noticed a difference right away. The last few days have been brutal but the insulation is keeping it manageable with just a couple hours of AC as opposed to running the AC 24/7 last summer.

So far we can get through most of the day without even turning on the AC. The house holds its temperature much longer. Even when we do turn on the AC at night to take the edge off it's only for about an hour or less. Then it holds a cool temp through the night. And mornings are not as cold. Overall It seems to have evened out the temperature swings."

Bishop, Los Angeles
"I already noticed last weekend my sons room was far more comfortable!  The wall that wasn't in direct sun (uninsulated) was hotter than most spots on the side facing the sun (insulated)!"
Frank, Santa Ana

"Brody was very professional and got the entire job done in one day. He communicated really well and the yard was cleaner when he left than when he arrived.

I had a few nail heads pop out in drywall (warned about this in advance). Those were fixed with no additional charge.

The house is cooler- still need air conditioning on warm days, but it cools faster and more efficiently. As a great side effect, street noise is reduced by the added insulation."

Mike, Costa Mesa
"Just wanted to follow up and thank you again for all the work on the house. I definitely notice a difference as our house was not nearly as cold this morning. Still an old house with leaks all over but will get that sorted along the way. "
Ashly, Oceanside
"We painted the patches and you can't tell they are there. Rooms are noticeably warmer, we are quite pleased. Thanks."
Don, Imperial Beach
"Downstairs is much cooler and the temp difference between upstairs and downstairs dropped a decent amount."
Scott, La Mesa
"The house was super quiet this morning, I slept like a rock. Thanks again."
Jim, San Diego
"Fast, clean, great work. Insulation works, the home is way more efficient and quiet now. Thank you."
Dave, Oceanside